New septic tank installation and repair in Florida


If you have a Septic System, the water from your toilettes, washing machines, dishwashers, sinks and baths all deposit water into your Septic Tank. The tank can fill up quickly in order to prevent overflowing of your Septic Tank, your Septic Tank will hold the solid waste, and allow the waste water to flow out of the tank into a drain field. The Drain Field filters the water and allows bacteria to naturally break down any remaining solids in the water so that by the time the water drains through the layers of earth in the field, it is clean and safe for the environment.

Our licensed and trained septic tank technicians use state of the art equipment to identify, troubleshoot and fix any septic tank problem. We ensure that all of our clients new septic tank systems in Florida are properly inspected and maintained in order to maximize system lifespan.

Harris Plumbing has made available septic system and drain field pricing online for our local service area, to meet the needs of customers. Special pricing also available to aid Wesley Chapel and New Tampa areas. Septic drain fields installation provided to local service area customers: Brooksville, Bushnell, Dade City, Ridge Manor, Webster. Businesses and residential customers view base prices online.


Leach Field Design

We provide a proper testing to verify the porosity of the soil which is required in order to design a suitable drainage field for your specific Septic System needs. We Design & Install Leach Fields for all types of properties and soil types, including: Gravity Drain Leach Fields, Infiltrators and Mound Systems, Lower Pressure Dosing Drain Leach Fields


Trained and Insured

Harris Service Inc septic experts have the experience and understanding of which inspections and permits are required in your drain field installation or design. Complete septic and leach field design to installation service along with designed Solutions based upon careful inspection. The installation or repair will be done correctly and will meet all of the local government codes.


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For new home construction or for replacement systems, septic installations can be confusing and complex. From field tests and siting to permitting to final inspection, the process can be delayed or even fail due to improper design or installation. Our unique full-service approach will ensure an efficient process and a trouble-free septic system for years to come.