Septic & Drain Field Installation Price Rates

Septic and drain field system installation prices are based on standard installation based on normal Flordia soil conditions. Tree clearing, difficult soil conditions and land preporation may force prices to be bid higher. This pricing made available March 2015, please call our office to make sure we are able to still meet these prices for you.Call today for you free estimate.


Plumbing Service Rates

Harris Plumbing extending their service area, price rates are based on hourly time plus material of routine jobs quoted are based on years of experience in time required. Larger jobs such as remodeling, custom home, etc are submitted with a bid. Our quality and work ethics speak for itself, as many by word of mouth are willing to pay a small, if any, amount higher to get quality. Call for rates at your location. With the lack of quality plumbers in Wesley Chapel and New Tampa we have added these areas at higher rates than normally charged, yet with these rates staying below competitors, to aid you in plumbing needs.



Drain Field Standard

$2,750.00New Installation

Septic Tank1,000 Gallon

$3,850.00New Installation

Wesley Chapel Service Call

$120.00 First 1/2 hour

New TampaService Call

$130.00 First 1/2 hour